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3rd Annual Write On The River Conference!

Join others who share your interests and passions as we gather at the beautiful new Wenatchi Hall on the Wenatchee Valley College campus.


Write on the RiverMark Saturday, May 17, 2008, as the day you will attend the 3rd annual Write On The River Conference!

This year Elizabeth George will kick off the day as the keynote speaker. She is a New York Times best-selling author of thirteen novels of psychological suspense, one book of non-fiction, and two-short story collections. What a privilege to have someone of this caliber coming to WOTR! She is sure to be an inspiration to everyone attending.

The day will continue with twelve workshops taught by established writers. If you are interested in finding out about the publishing world, learning what readers are interested in, writing convincing dialogue, recording memoirs, addressing the young readers' market, or the hearing about the writer's life, you won't want to miss this conference.

Kate Rogers, Editor in Chief of Mountaineer Books in Seattle, will be available for a lunch roundtable discussion to provide feedback on works of non-fiction.

The day will end with a reception, which will provide the opportunity to mingle with a host of writers, both presenters and attendees, who represent wide-ranging interests.

Registration information and more detailed information on the workshops can be found at Past participants have found this day particularly helpful in gaining the knowledge and inspiration they need either to begin or to continue writing. Those who write know it can be a lonely experience, and this is an opportunity to share experiences with others who will understand your predicaments and as well as your passions. You will come away from the day with valuable new ideas and energy!

Wherever your interests lie, this will be a day for you.

Would you like to host a workshop?

...or start a Writers Circle, or recommend some great reads for future writers? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at!


"Self-publishing Without Tears," with Ron Lovell
"Building Your Author Platform," with Susan Wingate
"Writing the Young Adult Novel," with Suzanne Selfors
"BLASTING THE MARKET: A How-To for Bolstering Publication Credits" with Susan Wingate
2010 Writer's Workshop Series with
Sara Wiseman,
Erica Bauermeister,
Kit Bakke,
Randall Platt,
Glenda Burgess,
and Maria Semple

"How to Write a Novel Without Losing Your Job, Your Family or Your Mind: Fitting the Work of Writing into Your Real World," with Carol Cassella
Writers' Workshop Series 2009
Write On the River 2008
"Ten Things I Learned from Writing About Real People," with Gregg Olsen
Writers' Workshop Series 2008
Finding Your Organizing Style 2008
Poetry with
Susan Wooldridge