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About Leavenworth Rock

The cragging near Leavenworth is centered in the two major canyons that converge in the Upper Icicle Valley. Both venues offer a wide variety of climbing on the well-featured quartz diorite rocks, ideally suited for today's cragging enthusiasts. You'll find a variety of routes that will entice. This is the Bible of rock-climbing in the Leavenworth area. You can't live without it.

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Leavenworth Rock

New for 2010
285 Pages
All Color Format
Guaranteed Binding

The new edition of Leavenworth Rock documents nearly 1500 climbing routes. This includes some 300 new routes, nearly 3 dozen new crags and other previously undocumented material. As before, the areas covered are Tumwater and Icicle Canyons and the Peshastin Pinnacles. There is also a section including a sampling of alpine cragging routes in the adjacent Stuart Range. This volume is all color with numerous topos, maps, schematic drawings and action photos. The guaranteed binding is sewn/stitched and glued to eliminate problems with pages falling out.

Softcover Price: 36.00
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