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Susan Butruille

Susan Butruille grew up with a closeness to the land of Colorado, where her father was with the U.S. Forest Service and her mother was a teacher. Now a resident of Washington State, the author has traveled extensively, has become an authority on women's history in the West, and has made a commitment to making women's voices heard through her research culminating in her books.

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Women's Voices From the Motherlode

This book tells of the lives of women of all races and all economic status who were integral in the California Gold Rush.

Hardcover Price $16.95
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Women's Voices From the Oregon Trail

This book narrates the lives and evokes the voices of the women who traveled the 2,000-mile trail to Oregon 150 years ago, artfully blending the words from women's diaries, songs, history, poetry, recipes and quilts.

Hardcover Price $16.95
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