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Elizabeth Sims

As the holder of English degrees from Michigan State University and Wayne State University, where she won the Tompkins Award for Graduate Fiction, and now a professionally published author, Elizabeth Sims is living proof that studying literature can work out.

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The Extra
Rita Farmer Mystery Book 2

"Smart and charming, Rita's second act is as dazzling and delightful as the first."

Studying to be a lawyer, Rita takes dreggy acting jobs to pay the bills. Dressed in police uniform as an extra on a movie shoot, she wanders into a rough part of town only to be pulled into a vicious assault. Rita chases off the men but the boy they attacked isn't out of danger yet. Rita's heart goes out to him and his grandmother Amaryllis B. Cubitt, the director of an urban mission that Rita had turned to for help years ago. But the mission has changed from its unassuming past, and is now flush with private donations and gruff guards posted at the doors. Rita can't help but wonder if now Amaryllis is too proud to ask for the help she needs.

Price: $25.95
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The Actress

"Intricate and surprising, this is a gripping read and a promising start to a new mystery series." — Booklist

Aspiring actress and single mom Rita Farmer has gone from struggling to find work to downright desperate. If she doesn't land a paying job soon—horror movie, soap commercial, anything—she's afraid her ex-husband will use her dire financial straits to take away Petey, her cherished four-year-old son.

While she's charming the crowd at storytime at the L.A. library, a celebrity defense attorney approaches her with an unusual job offer: So long as she's discreet, Rita can rake in $1,000 a day preparing his client for her appearance in court. Easy money? Hardly. His client, Eileen Tenaway, is not only a wealthy heiress and a queen of the tabloids but she's been charged with the murder of her own child. The attorney needs Rita to coach Eileen secretly to help her seem more sympathetic, more human. He needs the jury to believe not only her words, but the subtle cues of body language, facial expressions, even vocal style. Rita knows she can do it, but what she doesn't know is how determined she'll become to find out what really happened to Eileen's child that night. Her life, and Petey's, will depend on it.

Price: $24.95
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