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David Wiesner

After co-authoring Loathsome Dragon with his wife, in 1987, he authored and illustrated Free Fall, which was awarded a 1989 Caldecott Honor Medal. This book is the first example of the predominant style of his self-authored books, which tell a fantastical, often dream-like story without words, only illustrations. He won the first-prize Caldecott Medal for three later self-authored books, Tuesday, The Three Pigs and Flotsam. Wiesner also won a Caldecott honor award in 2000 for Sector 7.

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On a seemingly ordinary day at the beach, a budding young scientist makes a fabulous discovery. A barnacle-encrusted underwater camera has washed up on the shore, holding a reel of film of fantastical images that no human eye has seen. Moving cities, an octopus in a lounge chair, a clockwork fish. And yet, there is one more secret, even more astonishing than these surreal scenes: the camera has journeyed not only through the depths of the ocean but through the past, hiding in its last photo a visual timeline of children from around the world.

Signed Hardcover Price: 17.00
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Three Little Pigs
Hold on to your hat and your home, but let your imagination soar. The Caldecott medalist's latest masterly picture book will blow you away along with the pigs' homes. Satisfying both as a story and as an exploration of story, The Three Pigs takes visual narrative to a new level. When the wolf comes a-knocking and a-puffing, he blows the pigs right out of the tale and into a whole new imaginative landscape, where they wander—and fly—through other stories, encountering a dragon and a cat with a fiddle, among others. This familiar tale will never be the same old story again.

Signed Harcover Price: 17.00
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In this ingenious and imaginative nearly wordless picture book, frogs in a pond lift off with their lily pads and fly to a nearby town. There they zoom through a woman'’s living room as she dozes in a chair watching television, harass a dog frolicking in his yard, and distract a bathrobed citizen from his midnight snack. The unpredictable events of this particular Tuesday unfold before the reader with the precision and clarity of a silent movie. What will happen next Tuesday?

Signed Hardcover Price: 16.00
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Paperback Price: 6.95
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Take two boys, a ferocious storm, and a towering elm, and you've got prime material for imaginative play, David Wiesner style. Hurricane is the semi-autobiographical story of two brothers who use a tree felled by a storm as the jumping-off place for wonderful games of make-believe. Even when the tree is cut up and hauled away, ending those games, the adventurous spirit fostered by the fallen giant remains.

Paperback Price: 6.95
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June 29, 1999
June 29, 1999, which happens to be a Tuesday, is a day no one will forget, especially the residents of Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, and in particular Holly Evans. On that day, Holly, her town, and the country learn the results of her science project, sending seedlings aloft into the ionosphere: An invasion of giant vegetables. Broccoli falls from the sky, bracing itself in her back yard; turnips hit the trail in the Rocky Mountains; and lima beans land in Levittown. Holly never imagined the results would be so unprecedented in scale or so fantastical in scope. Wiesner's wit and superbly detailed illustrations make it all seem somehow plausible.

Paperback Price: 5.95
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