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The Weird Sisters
made our monthly TOP 10 list for our book store!

The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters
by Eleanor Brown


A New York Times bestseller, called "an endearing story about sisterly affection and the possibilities of redemption," by the Washington Post. The Weird Sisters is a quirky, perky, lively story of three sisters who love each other—but absolutely cannot get along.

Three sisters have returned to their childhood home, ostensibly to help Mom through her treatments; but each perhaps for reasons of her own. In this unusual household, books are a passion (there is no problem a library card can't solve) and TV is something other people watch. Their father, a professor of Shakespeare who speaks almost exclusively in verse, named the sisters after Shakespearian heroines. It's a lot to live up to. How can the shy homebody eldest sister, the fast-living middle child, and the bohemian youngest sibling find common ground?

"A family drama, gracefully costumed in academic garb and lit with warm comedy, 'tis a consummation devoutly to be wished...if you know a Stratfordian who's always quoting the Bard, get thee to a bookstore...Brown is such a clever writer, and she's written such an endearing story about sisterly affection and the possibilities of redemption, that it's easy to recommend The Weird Sisters." — The Washington Post

"You don't have to have a sister or be a fan of the Bard to love Brown's bright, literate debut, but it wouldn't hurt. [The three sisters] ...end up under one roof again ... to help their breast cancer–stricken mom. The real reasons they've trudged home, however, are far less straightforward: vagabond and youngest sib Cordy is pregnant with nowhere to go; man-eater Bean ran into big trouble in New York for embezzlement, and eldest sister Rose can't venture beyond the "mental circle with Barnwell at the center of it." For these pains-in-the-soul, the sisters have to learn to trust love—of themselves, of each other—to find their way home again. The supporting cast—removed, erudite dad; ailing mom; a crew of locals; Rose's long-suffering fiancé—is a punchy delight, but the stage clearly belongs to the sisters; Macbeth's witches would be proud of the toil and trouble they stir up." — Publishers Weekly

"Quirky and perky, Brown's narrative uses light comedy to balance the serious life issues...All's well that ends well." — Kirkus Reviews

"delightful" — People Magazine

The Weird SistersBuy The Weird Sisters - $15.00

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